Why Kieran?

Being a former school teacher, I now help frustrated young professionals get into the best shape of their life and ultimately transform them from feeling out of shape, bloated and self-conscious to feeling lean, toned and more confident.

Here are what some have our clients have said:

Declan's Journey
‘I often found my release at the weekends by drinking Friday and Saturday nights, eating takeaways and watching Netflix.’
– Declan
Schenda's Journey
‘Before I started working with you, I dreaded the thought of lifting weights, gaining too much muscle and becoming bulky. I didn’t know how to make progress in the gym or how to use the gym equipment properly’
– Schenda
Matt's Journey
‘I had been going to the gym and exercising for over 10 years and had tried literally every programme you could think of out there to put on lean muscle mass. Even though I trained a lot I wasn’t noticing any changes in my body. I felt that the gym was a waste of time.’
– Matt
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Hey folks,

If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you want to stop making excuses and get into the best shape of your life.

Congratulations. You’re in the right place!

As a young busy professional there are a lot of different struggles and stresses you need to deal with on a daily basis and achieving your fitness goals can be very difficult. I know this, as i have been in that very same situation.

“My mission is to help improve the quality of life for as many young professionals as I can.”

I understand how it feels to go into the gym and do the same exercises week after week, month after month and feel frustrated because a few years ago I had the same frustrations as my body wasn’t changing. 

Like you, I spent years not knowing how to eat correctly for my goals, and focused on eating only specific foods thinking they were the right things to eat.

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By making this decision you will finally:

  • Get Clarity on how to train and eat to achieve your dream physique.
  • Look Better in all of your clothes.
  • Have More Confidence when you are on a night out.
  • Be able to Develop a Routine that incorporates Fitness into your Lifestyle.
  • No longer waste Time and Money looking for the newest training plan and diet.
Can I find out more?

Frequently Asked Questions

As online coaching is a relatively new concept, the thoughts of hiring a coach can cause some anxiety.
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